DIY D-Max - Mono Amplifier

DIY D-Max - Mono Amplifier

Sale price$599.00

Compatible with all models 2012+ and BT50 2021+

We've put these kits together so you can have the same quality installation you would get at Oz Audio Shop

If you're struggling to find a workshop that you trust with your pride and joy, do it yourself!

These are not just some plug and play harnesses, and speaker adaptors. We have prepared these kits EXACTLY how we would do them in store.

Connections are soldered and heat-shrunk (where possible). All the harnesses are Cloth Taped just like factory harnesses you have in your car.

Speakers come with the right spacers and adaptors for the wiring, PLUS foam rings wherever needed, and foam pads to go behind the speaker, just as we would do in-store.

Do you want cheap? this is not for you. This is for the people that want the best for their vehicle. The people that have a passion for working on their Pride and Joy.

Kits come with instructions on the installation (disassembly of the vehicle instructions not included) and of course, you can contact us if you're having difficulties or have any questions.

Sub is not included due to different preferences in size and performance.  this is the subwoofer setup we recommend to go behind the seat. Focal PSB200

Power Cable for Mono Amplifier needs to be run to the positive terminal of the battery.

This Kit includes:

- Alpine KTA-200M 

- All the parts necessary for the install

Kits are usually in stock, but may take up to 5 working days to assemble.

**This is a custom product made to demand. Cancellation will incur a 20% fee.