DIY Hilux Stage 2 Sound System
DIY Hilux Stage 2 Sound System
DIY Hilux Stage 2 Sound System
DIY Hilux Stage 2 Sound System
DIY Hilux Stage 2 Sound System
DIY Hilux Stage 2 Sound System
DIY Hilux Stage 2 Sound System

DIY Hilux Stage 2 Sound System

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DIY Hilux Stage 2 Sound System

2015-2020 / Standard

Oz Audio Wangara

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

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Unlock the In-Store Experience from the Comfort of Your Garage! Our meticulously crafted system is pre-wired, complete with all the necessary components and critical connections seamlessly integrated. It's the perfect DIY project for car enthusiasts who revel in hands-on work.

Imagine having the satisfaction of installing a premium car audio system yourself, right in your own space. No need to entrust your vehicle to a workshop that may not share our high standards. With our pre-wired kit, you become the maestro of your car's sound, while we handle the essential connections to guarantee a dependable, long-lasting setup.

In just 4-5 hours, individuals with intermediate automotive skills can transform their ride into an audio haven. It's more than an installation; it's an adventure that lets you bond with your vehicle and enjoy the thrill of a high-quality audio upgrade. Start your journey to audio excellence today!

Want more Bass? Upgrade to the Big Bass pack. (sub will be an Alpine R 10" Slim in custom Box, see it here)


- simply swap the front and rear speakers with the originals (all connections already made)

- tweeter will plug into original tweeter wiring in the dash


- remove the passenger seat, headunit and all relevant panels

- install amp and run PRE-MADE harness to the headunit

- bolt in the ground connection

- run the positive power cable to the battery

- run sub cable behind the seat


- remove the seat

- remove air vent behind carpet and cover with sound deadening sheet

- plug in subwoofer and reassemble the seat

That's it! we've already taken care of the rest. hours of mounting speakers, pre-wiring the amplifier, crossovers etc. already done!

This system includes:

JL Audio C1-650 / Alpine S2-S65C

JL Audio C1-650x / Alpine S2-S65

Alpine S2-A55V

Focal PSB200

All Wiring and Parts

Kits are usually in stock but may take up to 5 working days to assemble.

**This is a custom product made to demand. Cancellation will incur a 20% fee.