Kicker Hideaway 8"

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KICKER's legendary subwoofer technology continues to lead the way for clear-sounding, ground-pounding bass in a vehicle. It's incorporated into KICKER's latest bass machine, the brand's first compact powered subwoofer and an International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations award winner for design and engineering.

This awesome little sub will fill in the bass your factory system lacks, and desperately NEEDS! It fits under 99% of seats in any vehicles, and if it doesn't, we'll find somewhere else it will fit and perform.

The Kicker Hideaway also comes with an adjustable Bass Knob, so you can choose how much bass you want at any moment it time of any source of music coming from your system.

This is the best choice for everyone that already enjoys their sound system, but feels like they need a little extra low end bass to complete the experience.

We provide Fast Australia wide Shipping for this, and easy DIY instructions so You, can fit it yourself.