R-Series Performance System

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Achieve true Hi-Res Audio quality with this R-Series Performance Speaker System including the R-Series 4 channel amplifier and front and rear speakers. The fully digital R-A60F 4-Channel Amplifier provides powerful bass, big dynamic sound, non-shutdown performance, and easy vertical or horizontal installation.

Beyond their stunning and bold design, the R-Series Hi-Res Audio certified amplifiers redefines the industry benchmark in sound performance delivering true high-resolution sound reproduction. Moreover, their all-new digital design provides huge amounts of power output and an extraordinary damping factor making these amplifiers class-leading in every way.

The R-Series amplifier is matched perfectly with the all-new R-Series speakers, these audiophile-grade speakers are engineered with patented materials and significant advances that substantially increases sonic performance beyond their predecessors and nearest rival. The result is incredible clarity and linearity across the extended high-resolution bandwidth right into the 45kHz.

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