Alpine Dmax Headunit DIY Kit - Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, HDMI
Alpine Dmax Headunit DIY Kit - Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, HDMI

Alpine Dmax Headunit DIY Kit - Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, HDMI

Sale price$2,599.00

Experience ultimate visual entertainment like never before with Alpine’s premium 9″ multimedia infotainment system, seamlessly integrating into your D-MAX dashboard with a clean and professional finish. The iLX-F509A introduces class-leading innovations, housing an ultra-high-quality WXGA centrepiece display, Hi-Res Audio specifications and advanced wireless connectivity.

Innovation continues with the stunning WXGA 9’’ high-resolution display, featuring 2.7 million pixel elements. The iLX-F509A showcases razor sharp images and incredible colour vibrancy to the dashboard, displaying HDMI sources or USB video in high-definition.

Equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, an endless array of smartphone features and entertainment is available on the dashboard. Get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to high-resolution streaming music by commanding it all via the display or voice control.

Enjoy superb audio fidelity with Hi-Res Audio and LDAC wireless technology—play high-resolution audio tracks via USB, or music streaming services via smartphone, ensuring the music is reproduced with clarity and authenticity as the artist intended.

With the world’s first built-in Class-D amplifier the iLX-F509A reinvents head unit power, delivering the richness and acoustic crescendos of virtually any music style and live performances through any loudspeaker.

Alpine’s iLX-F509A is the pinnacle of audio performance, design and technology. Delivering a magnificent centrepiece for the dashboard and incredible entertainment experience, this is a must have for all audiophiles.

Steering Wheel Controls

Have control of the factory steering wheel audio controls in your vehicle, as well as answer and hang up with Alpine’s built in Bluetooth connectivity.

Rear Camera Integration

The iLX-F511A integrates seamlessly with the DMax rear-view camera, automatically engaging when reversing and also mutes audio so you can manoeuvre your vehicle safely with full concentration.

USB & AUX Input Panel

Designed to suit D-MAX models, this input panel positioned in the factory location makes media connection a breeze!