Alpine Status Hi-Res Audio Media Player
Alpine Status Hi-Res Audio Media Player
Alpine Status Hi-Res Audio Media Player
Alpine Status Hi-Res Audio Media Player

Alpine Status Hi-Res Audio Media Player

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Alpine Status Hi-Res Audio Media Player

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Hi-Res Audio Made Accessible

The Alpine Status system features many technologies, components and materials of the AlpineF#1Status system to achieve ultra high-precision music reproduction – at an affordable price tag. It is designed to play music tracks at 192kHz / 24bit format, which are widely accessible in many online stores and streaming platforms. Hi-Res Audio playback of 192kHz / 24bit allows Alpine Status to create a heightened listening experience in the vehicle that emulates the feeling of an intimate recording studio session.

Hi-Res Audio Media Player

The HDS-990 Alpine Status Media Player sounds simply amazing and can playback Hi-Res Audio files up to 192kHz / 24bit without down-sampling. It supports many different sound formats, such as MP3, WMA, AAC, MP4, WAV, FLAC, APE and DSD. Audio sources can be connected to the 3 USB ports or streamed via Bluetooth (at a lower sampling rate).

Hide-Away Black-Box Design

The Media Player is designed with a hide-away black-box configuration. This makes it very easy to find a suitable space in your dash for the slim control panel, while installing the 1DIN sized black-box anywhere behind the dashboard or similar.

Source Input Options

You can chose from many source inputs: connect your original radio’s speaker lines to the 4-channel high-level inputs to enjoy all original audio sources of your vehicle. There is also a 2-channel RCA input, 3 USB ports (supporting up to 192kHz / 24bit) and of course Bluetooth Audio streaming (supporting up to 96kHz / 24bit).

Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Wireless Bluetooth connection to your smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled digital audio player is also possible, thanks to the built-in high-end LDAC and aptX HD standards. You can stream music up to 96kHz / 24bit quality. Additional supported Bluetooth Audio Codecs are SBC, AAC and aptX.

Wide Output Options

The HDS-990 features a wide range of outputs for maximum system-building flexibility. The 4-channel hi-power output (4x 50 Watts) can be used to directly drive your door speakers, while the 6-channel RCA output is designed to connect external amplifiers. There is also an optical TOSLINK as well as a coaxial output to connect the HDS-990 Media Player to a DSP such as the Alpine Status HDP-D90.

Extensive Sound Tuning Options

There are many sound tuning features already built into the Media Player, such as 6-channel 31-band Parametric EQ, 3-Way Digital X-Over and Digital Time Correction. These features come in handy if the HDS-990 Media Player is used in stand-alone mode without the HDP-D90 DSP amplifier.

Works With Your Original Radio

The HDS-990 Media Player is designed to work in parallel with an original manufacturer’s radio or any aftermarket radio. While the original radio is used for radio and DAB+ reception, vehicle settings, CD playback, Bluetooth, etc., the HDS-990’s part is to play-back, stream and control Hi-Res Audio music files. Since the original radio is intended to be kept in the vehicle, we created the HDS-990’s control panel in a very compact format to be easily added anywhere in the dashboard or centre console.

Stand-Alone System or DSP Amplifier Link

You can use the HDS-990 as stand-alone system by connecting it directly to the vehicle’s speakers (or using external amplifiers). To use the system’s full potential however we recommend to pair it with the HDP-D90 DSP amplifier. This DSP amplifier features a built-in 12-channel digital amplifier, 31-band Parametric EQ per channel and many other sound tuning features.