Alpine VE Series-2 Headunit Calais / Berlina / Omega

Alpine VE Series-2 Headunit Calais / Berlina / Omega

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Alpine VE Series-2 Headunit Calais / Berlina / Omega

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Sporting luxury design exclusively engineered for your VE Commodore Series-2

Elevate your driving experience to a new level with Alpine’s premium 9’’ multimedia infotainment luxury solution, exclusively designed and engineered for VE Commodore Series-2.

Housing a stunning ultra-high-quality WXGA centrepiece display with Hi-Res Audio specifications and advanced wireless connectivity, the iLX-F509A brings a premium feel and aesthetic upgrade to the interior, while offering the latest technology, entertainment and convenience.

Experience ultimate visual entertainment like never before through the WXGA 9″ high-resolution display with 2.7 million pixel elements. The iLX-F509A showcases razor sharp images and incredible colour vibrancy to the dashboard, displaying HDMI sources or USB video in stunning high-definition.

Equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, an endless array of smartphone features and entertainment is available on the dashboard. Get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to high-resolution streaming music — commanding it all via the display or voice control.

Enjoy all your favourite audio with a limitless amount of options such as music apps including Spotify, Vox, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Podcasts and even DAB+ digital radio providing a wide range of digital only radio stations.

Experience superb audio fidelity with Hi-Res Audio and LDAC wireless technology — play high-resolution audio tracks via USB, or music streaming services via smartphone, ensuring the music is reproduced with clarity and authenticity as the artist intended.

For a detailed list of apps that have been CarPlay approved by Apple, head over to their website here:

The 7-Inch Dynamic Drive Assist capacitive display elevates your vehicle interface, giving you smartphone-like and intuitive command of climate settings. Even more thrilling, the sports display mode, provides real-time vehicle information such as speed, tachometer, gear shift, brake and acceleration, oil temperature, voltage and much more, there is even a stop watch letting you capture acceleration and lap times when your out on the track. Making parking easier then ever, the 7″ display shows visual representation of factory installed park sensors when engaged, plus you can add-on an optional Alpine front and rear camera system to the Halo9 9-Inch display.

Alpine Exclusive Solution for Seamless Fitment and Installation
Engineered for Alpine Halo9

Alpine has engineered the VE Series-2 solution specifically and exclusively for Halo9. Ergonomics and aesthetic integration is paramount, the angle and positioning of the display is perfectly set for ease of use and pinpointed into the dashboard for a superior ‘OE style’ upgrade to your vehicle. Moreover, the piano black fascia and 7-Inch Dynamic Drive Assist display modernises your vehicle dashboard and interior.

Precision Installation 

The precision installation parts included are; 7-Inch Dynamic Drive Display, Fascia, Brackets, Direct Wiring Harness, Fakra Connection and Factory Steering Wheel Controls connected via CAN/UART. The installation kit is engineered specifically for Alpine Halo9 only. For vehicles equipped with a factory reverse camera can be integrated with the Halo9, but will require optional parts and dealer installation.

Check out the iLX-F509A here.


7-Inch Dynamic Drive Assist Climate Control with Sports Display Interface

Dual Climate Control

From 7″ capacitive display you can intuitively adjust the climate settings by gliding your finger or by touching a specific point on either the temperature or fan speed dials. You can set dual zone temperatures and select air conditioning on/off. The display also shows external temp, battery voltage and percentage gauges. The battery percentage gauge can be changed to oil temp by touch and hold of the gauge.

Sports Display Mode

By touching the sports mode icon, the display turns into a dynamic driver info centrepiece displaying realtime tachometer, speed, acceleration and braking, steering angle, battery voltage and selectable battery percentage or oil temperature gauge, all while showing the climate temperature settings. The sports display provides quick access to the vehicle info page and the chronograph stopwatch.

Ventilation Select Mode

When in climate mode, simply touch the centre dashboard and the display animates to enter the ventilation mode, by touching the dashboard area you can toggle on/off and through the ventilation modes. Additionally, by touching the icons you can select demister and air recirculation on/off . When you’re done, the display automatically animates back to the climate mode.

Gear Shift Display

In sports display mode, for automatic transmission vehicles the gear shift is displayed, momentarily showing the sequential gear the vehicle is shifting to, as well as selected gear modes such a reverse, park, neutral, drive and sports. For manual vehicles the gear shift display is not available, however clutch engaged is displayed and the green shift light indicator becomes lit when an optimal gear shift up is recommended.

Hazard Hard Key

In the event of an emergency or alert situation the ‘Hazard’ hard key icon can be selected, when activated the GUI flashes on the display along with the vehicle blinkers. The Hazard hard key system is constantly awake and operationally, even if the climate system is turned off the Hazard system can be engaged at anytime.

Park Sensor Display

If your vehicle is equipped with factory front and rear park sensors the 7-Inch Dynamic Drive Assist display automatically shows the park sensor visual graphic when reverse is engaged. The vehicle top-view is displayed and a visually warning indicates objects in close varying proximity to the vehicle in tandem with the audible caution chimes.

Chronograph Stopwatch

Selectable from the sports mode display the chronopgraph sports stopwatch lets you capture important acceleration and lap performance times for enthusiast raceway and track days, or tarmac rally events. The mode enables start, stop and split timings.

Custom GUI Colour

The GUI colour can be changed to suit the factory illumination from the presets ‘Functional’ Green, ‘Luxury’ Blue and ‘Sports’ Red. Alternatively, by selecting ‘Custom’ you can choose any GUI colour you desire by touching the RGB colour wheel.

Automatic Vehicle Identification

The Dynamic Drive Assist system automatically identifies your vehicle. This mode displays crucial vehicle data such as the VIN number, vehicle image and body type, year of manufacture, engine and factory power specification, as well as build plant.

HSV Vehicle Identification

Ideal for HSV owners, you can view crucial vehicle data such as the VIN number, year of manufacture, engine and factory power specification, build plant. Your specific HSV model can be also set and displayed, selecting from Clubsport, Senator or GTS.