DIY Next-Gen PY RAPTOR Stage 2 Sound System

DIY Next-Gen PY RAPTOR Stage 2 Sound System

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Compatible with Next Gen Ranger models (Wildtrack and Raptor) with B&O Premium Sound Option

We've put together this system the same way we would in-store! This is all pre-wired, with all the parts, and critical connections already made. Easy to install for all car enthusiasts. if you like to work on your car, and/or don't want to take your vehicle to a workshop that doesn't have the same high standards as us, why not do it yourself?

let us make all the critical connections, to ensure a reliable and long-lasting system, and you can have fun installing it.

this kit will take about 4-5 hours for a person with intermediate automotive skills to install.


- simply swap the front and rear speakers with the originals (all connections already made)

- tweeter will plug into wires coming from the amplifier

- Centre channel speaker will be disconnected and not operational for better performance.


- remove the driver's seat, and all relevant panels

- install amp and run PRE-MADE harness to the Factory Amplifier

- bolt in the ground connection

- run the positive power cable to the battery

- run sub cable under the rear seat


- remove plastic container under the rear seat.

- replace it will the subwoofer box and plug it in.

That's it! we've already taken care of the rest. hours of mounting speakers, pre-wiring the amplifier, crossovers etc. already done!

This system includes:

JL Audio C1-690

JL Audio C1-650x / Alpine S2-S65

Alpine S2-A55V

Pac Audio AP4-FD31 

Focal 10" Slim Subwoofer + Fibreglass box

All Wiring and Parts

Kits are usually in stock but may take to 5-8 working days to assemble.

**This is a custom product made to demand. Cancellation will incur a 20% fee.