Alpine Landcruiser 200 Series 9" Perfect Fit Headunit - Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, HDMI
Alpine Landcruiser 200 Series 9" Perfect Fit Headunit - Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, HDMI
Alpine Landcruiser 200 Series 9" Perfect Fit Headunit - Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, HDMI
Alpine Landcruiser 200 Series 9" Perfect Fit Headunit - Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, HDMI

Alpine Landcruiser 200 Series 9" Perfect Fit Headunit - Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, HDMI

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Coming soon for all 200 Series enthusiasts ­ – an innovation that exceeds expectations time and time again. The i905-LC16 delivers an all-new versatile design equipped with a stunning 9” WXGA high definition centrepiece display that sits high and proud on the dash, crafted with a lustrous high gloss piano black finish. Seamlessly integrated within the premium OEM quality facia is Alpine’s signature centre glass keys showcasing incredible attention to detail and design, with a smooth tactile feel.

Equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (USB), an endless array of entertainment and smartphone apps are available to use in your dashboard. Get directions with maps and navigation apps, send and receive messages, make calls and listen to music all without a cable in sight.

Not only this – with TIDAL now built-in, soak in your favourite songs with a new level of fidelity and elevate your music streaming experience in wireless Hi-Res audio like you’ve never heard it before. For those with a large existing library of Hi-Res audio content that is also supported up to 96kHz 24bit.

A world-first innovation, the i905-LC16 equipped with a powerful built-in Class-D amplifier to deliver the richness and dynamics of your music for the most superior sound performance.

Moreover, with Alpine’s extensive sound tuning built-in you can apply simple one touch audio adjustments to make your cabin space sound brilliant, or for pro-level users and enthusiasts a host of advanced tuning functions are available.

Alpine’s i905-LC16 is the pinnacle of audio performance, design and practicality. Delivering a dynamic in-cabin interior aesthetic and incredible entertainment experience – this is a must have premium solution for all audiophiles.


Apple CarPlay Wireless or USB

No wires, no fuss, just get in and drive with your iPhone wirelessly connected to use Apple CarPlay. Listen to your favourite music apps, make and receive calls or messages, use maps or navigation apps, all at your command via the display or voice control. If you need to charge-up then plug-in your iPhone via USB.

Android Auto

The convenience of Android Auto lets you bring the ever-expanding apps into the dash of your car. From either the display or voice command you can make calls, send and receive messages, play music apps or set a destination via Google Maps or Waze.

Smartphone Navigation 

Through the incredible Alpine WXGA high-definition display you have the access and convenience of highly accurate navigation, further enhancing the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and experience.

With an array of navigation platforms and apps available, for example Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze and Sygic you can search and get to your destination with ease. You’ll have voice and visual prompts of turn-by-turn navigation and finding locations is a breeze via the display or using voice control.

Furthermore, with the built-in GPS/GLONASS circuit and antenna, as well as vehicle speed pulse sense connectivity ensures your actual vehicle position has pin-point accuracy on the road. This keeps you on route when driving through complex and dense city road systems, tunnels, bridges and elevated mountain highways and terrains.



Access the worlds music library with millions of tracks and episodes available on Spotify. When using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with the Spotify app, you can play the latest songs from your favourite artists, charts and playlists. Plus, browse through the collections of friends, artists, celebrities and radio stations all from the comfort of the driver’s seat. All this, without a single physical connection thanks to the added convenience of Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Built-in Class-D Amplifier

An industry world first, the i905-LC16 is equipped with Class-D amplifier technology producing a massive 50 x 4 Watts of power, delivering the best sound quality and dynamics from high-resolution music. Class-D amplifiers are known to be highly efficient and capable of beautiful high-end sound reproduction with significantly reduced noise and phase shift. What’s more, new ultra-high-spec fans and internal heat sinks direct and dissipate any unwanted heat, ensuring optimum temperature control and audio performance.


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