Kenwood 10" Spare Tire Powered Subwoofer KSC-PSW10ST
Kenwood 10" Spare Tire Powered Subwoofer KSC-PSW10ST
Kenwood 10" Spare Tire Powered Subwoofer KSC-PSW10ST

Kenwood 10" Spare Tire Powered Subwoofer KSC-PSW10ST

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Kenwood 10" Spare Tire Powered Subwoofer KSC-PSW10ST

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Introducing the Kenwood KSC-PSW10ST: Unleash Powerful Bass Wherever You Drive

Rev up your car audio experience with the Kenwood KSC-PSW10ST, a 10" Class D Powered Subwoofer engineered to fit snugly into spare tire wells of 15" or larger. This compact dynamo packs a punch with a maximum output power of 1200W, ensuring your music gets the bass boost it deserves.

Designed for optimal performance, the KSC-PSW10ST features a 10-inch single voice coil woofer unit with a rugged rubber surround and an aluminum die-cast enclosure, all held together by a substantial magnet circuit. This setup guarantees a deep, resonant bass that transforms your in-car listening.

The heart of this powerhouse is its high-power Class-D amplifier unit, giving you precise control over your audio. Adjust the gain, fine-tune the low-pass filter from 50Hz to 150Hz, or dial in the bass boost up to +8dB at 50Hz. Tailor your sound further with the phase control, offering a choice between 0° and 180°. All these audio controls are at your fingertips, thanks to the attached wired remote controller.

Installing the KSC-PSW10ST is a breeze, especially with its best-fit compatibility in 15-16" spare tires. Simply center it in the spare tire well, secure it with the included mounting screw, and you're ready to roll. The system operates efficiently at a voltage range of 11-16V, with a 20A+20A fuse for added protection.

Included in the package is a remote control unit with a generous 5-meter connection cable, ensuring you can make audio adjustments without leaving your seat. Plus, a 6-meter long power supply cable is included for your convenience.

Experience the roar of powerful bass wherever you drive, with the Kenwood KSC-PSW10ST. Elevate your car audio and enjoy music like never before, right from the spare tire well."